Premiere: Hey Scenario – Watch Me

Hey Scenario cover ep

Psych-rock meets space disco from the three-piece outfit.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse; ominous clouds swelled overhead and thunder rumbled ferociously in the distance. There was a storm coming and it would be those who lived by the coast who would feel the brunt of it. As the waves crashed down hard on the seawall, the villages inhabitants feared for their homes; there was little to no protection for the ageing buildings that dotted the dilapidated promenade. There could truly be no coming back this time, regeneration had taken place over and over again, maybe they’d have to let this place belong to the depths.


Hey Scenario is the new project of former Clap Rules’ member Max Leggieri, Michelangelo Del Conte and songwriter Jester At Work. Conjured during the lockdown, amidst ‘soft-brutal sick times’, the three-piece outfit are driven by famously imagined sounds such as sci-fi lysergic space disco and psych rock hydra, imbued with emotion and surprise. Released earlier this year as a run of limited tapes, the five-track EP was built on free-form music jams with little rules or restrictions in place, culminating in a collection of frantic, cosmic psychedelia.


Hey Scenario is available now on Bandcamp.