Premiere: Heap & Bocksrucker – Fierce


The bar was crowded and noisy, a constant thrashing of sound that made it hard to hear your own thoughts. The men of the town came to drink here every night; they would tell tales of the days events and brag to one another about their various accolades. As the night went on, the men's arrogance grew, fuelled by multiple scotches and tankards of bitter. When the clock struck 12, the door swung open and a woman clad in black confidently made her way to the bar. All eyes were on her as she moved through the room. She cast a glare to either side and the men sheepishly looked away. She was fierce, nobody here would dare to challenge her. Everybody was afraid of her and that's exactly the way she liked it…

For the second release on her and friend Umut's label Müstesna, Ece Özel has rounded up both local Turkish producers and overseas friends to feature on their forthcoming compilation sheLter. Over 25 artists have contributed to the VA release, including international friends like Beesmunt Soundsystem, Alessandro Adriani, Mr TC and Tolouse Low Trax, as well as native artists like Mehmet Aslan, Emre Can Swim and Erdnik Ol. The impetus behind this compilation is to provide financial support and create national and international awareness of trans murders and trans suicides in Turkey, where the murder rate is the highest in Europe. All proceeds will be given to “Eylül Cansın Trans Guest House" – a place founded by the Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association – and will help provide support and generate income for the guest home to find a new home and keep the establishment going.