Premiere: Harry Wills – This, That, The Other


How long had it been? Weeks? Months? Years? These were already the thoughts that flooded his mind as the fluids drained from the tank. His muscles were weak, but he could tell that the gravity of this world was stronger than it was at the base. Before he had time to figure out which warzone he had been sent to, he heard voices talking from outside. His vision was too blurry, but he knew he recognized one of them. Steam hissed, and the hatch opened. A barrage of light caused him to recoil. “Welcome to Earth,” she said.

After a year full of warm house and electro bangers on labels like Holding Hands, Haws, and more, Harry Wills now presents his debut album, ‘Luxury Bedtime’. Marking the first release on his own brand new label, Nimble, the nine track deep LP certifies his overnight rise to underground dance music royalty.