Premiere: Hany – Läufer

1 Minute Read

Fast paced groove infused house music on Too Rough 4 Radio.

It was dark all around, little sound to be heard but for the pitter patter of footsteps on the gravel below. In the distance there were dancing, dazzling lights but he was far away from them for now.

His breath left a trail of fog in the midnight air – it was cold out, the seasons were changing. Some might not have chosen to brace the elements on a night like this but not him. He was cool, calm and composed – a late night runner who left it all behind when his feet hit the concrete. Everything was a blur…

Hany is a German producer set to release a sprawling record on Too Rough 4 Radio. The release features a number of tracks which transcend style and genre, weaving between jungle, breaks, fast paced house and techno.