Premiere: Deadbeat & Om Unit – Root

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Deadbeat Om Unit

A weighty pairing from two pioneers of bass music and beyond.

There was little to signify that the site was of any great significance. What had happened here long ago had been upended and buried by the thick, dense greenery which had grown fruitfully over the old rocks and the concrete concealing it from the light. The trees on the outskirts were perhaps all that had witnessed the peril and the chaos of those days – their roots were all that was left of a bygone incident in which life had changed forever. One day nobody would remember it at all but now as he stood looking out on what remained he began to think back on all he’d lost and all he’d had. His own roots…

Deadbeat and Om Unit have teamed up for a weighty collaboration on Midnight Shift, they channel deep, pensive electronics into an atmospheric album called “Root, Stalk, Leaf and Bloom”.