Premiere: Hannah Holland – Body Bold Ft. Mama


Hannah Holland, much like those who work on the ground floor at R$N Towers, is indeed all about that bass. Not in a terrible pop song kind of way but in a 'she really knows how to work that low end' kind of way. The only thing that can make a nice, juicy bit of bass feel any better is when it's accompanied by a full-bodied selection of sounds that'll leave you grasping for yet another glass of wine as you while away the hours listening to this aural treat on repeat.

You'll get so lost in these sounds that you'll be speaking in double-dutch. Actually, that might be a kind of skipping rather than a language. Either way, once you feast your mind upon these sounds you'll never quite feel the same again. Don't say we didn't warn you, or encourage you. In you go;

Batty Bass in Retrograde is out on 3rd August via Batty Bass.