Premiere: Haider – Bakamono


Palms sweating, she clutched her wine glass as she waited at the table, looking up at the door whenever somebody entered. Her nerves were getting the better of her again. “Why did this always happen?” she thought to herself. She’d done this before and it was always the same routine. Some had been enjoyable, others forgettable, and a few down right disasters. That said, it hadn’t put her off… yet. 

Hot on the heels of his recent EP on his own Breaker Breaker recordings, label boss Haider follows it up with The Muses Come Out At Night on good friend Mella Dee’s Warehouse Music. The Berlin-based producer, who has a love of music in its many forms, is guided sonically by the idea of motion; characteristics that shine across the three tracks on his new release and showcase his versatile influences. Our pick, opener ‘Bakamono’ sees Haider putting his own unique spin on the classic sounds of Detroit, matching eerie vocals with washes of synths and an infectious groove.