Premiere: Priori – Memory Palace

5 Minute Read

Techno for deep thinkers and discerning dancers.

These were the stories that he told himself, tall tales from long ago which had got lost in the spaces in between. It had been a while since he’d last let himself think about such history and nostalgia for it was buried deep in the recesses of his mind. His memory palace was a place visited once in a blue moon for the magic which lived behind those thick castle walls was sometimes best to be left alone.

Lying amidst the tall grass he watched as the clouds moved slowly by overhead, he’d allowed himself this one afternoon to daydream upon what might of been in another life. He opened the heavy gates and let his memories of a wilder, better time come rushing in.

He closed his eyes and nodded off…


Priori continues to develop and grow as a producer, moving toward deep, pensive textures and atmospheres on a new EP for Midgar Records. The Pareidolia EP is comprised of four tracks of intelligent Techno which teases and intrigues – this is a record which will sound good on dark nights and in smokey rooms.

Listen below: