Video Premiere: GreySkies – Sempre Viva


The landscape looked otherworldly, indefinable shapes danced amongst the mist, disappearing and reappearing as if by magic. Like something out of a twisted fairytale, the scene felt familiar yet at the same time disquieting — they were waiting for something bad to happen, for an unknown specimen to approach them rapidly through the thick fog. 

Influenced by nature, misty landscapes and the relationship between synthetic and organic sound, Greek indie musician Elias Smilios is embarking on his first release under the moniker GreySkies. Finding a home on London via Thessaloniki’s Fair Weather Friends Records – a label focused on relevant yet timeless sounds – the 7-track LP titled YEAR sees Smilios match his guitar and bass lines with floating ambience, analogue synthesis and intricate, skittering beat patterns.