Premiere: Greg Belson & Paulo Fulci – Soul Revival


The building was busy, the situation excessive. Many had piled into the tiny old basement club to listen to the sweet soulful sounds blaring from the towering speaker stacks. It had been decades since the radiant chants of disco had echoed proudly amidst the backdrop of the city. This place used to be a haven, a palace of sorts for showmanship and antics. As the trumpets roared and the percussion clattered against the framework, one man began to dance. 

Greg Belson has very much earned the "legendary" title he is so often branded with. A true pioneer of a sound which appears to be having a new lease of life as of late. He delivers two choice cuts for Moton Records Inc which are almost certain to receive heavy rotation in coming months This one in collaboration with Paulo Fulci.. Miss at your peril… Listen below: 

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