Premiere: Graham Van Pelt – Always Thinkin’ (Yu Su’s Innerspace Vocal Dub)


Escaping the dreary-eyed confines of his bedroom, he’s met with the nourishing intensity of natural light and indecisive housemates, at a loss with what to do with their day. The sun’s glow, infiltrating through skylights and illuminating parts of the house that haven’t been seen in years, prompts an ingenious idea. After a few minutes of logistical debate, a conveyor belt of tables, chairs and crates of beer swings into motion, passed excitedly out the window and up a rickety pair of ladders leading to the roof. Like sun-starved plants ascending to the tree line. Recharged with optimism, they watched the world from the elevated safety of the sky.

The transatlantic-dyad of London’s No Bad Days and Montreal's Arbutus Records, join forces for the release of ‘Sense Appeal’, the sophomore EP of Toronto’s own Graham Van Pelt. The release features two tracks of Chicago-infused house on it’s A-side, and three especially transformative remixes on the inverse. Our pick, Yu Su’s flip of ‘Always Thinkin’', is an exercise in mediative techno bliss, featuring layered production underpinned by eerie vocal samples and chest-rattling bass.