Premiere: Gohan – Danse – Toujours


Everyday was a school day and there was always a lesson to be learnt. At least this is what his elders had taught him. Following this frame of mind he approached each dance class as if it were to be his very last and as such each step depended on intricate accuracy and precision. He moved graciously across the wooden floor, his body casting a shadow in the dim glow which beamed against the mirrored walls. He clenched the bar tightly and began to move. 

Peur Bleue is slowly becoming a firm favourite here at Ransom Note towers. A record label with a singular sense of self and a consistent release pattern the next EP to appear on the imprint is from Gohan. Listen to "Danse – Toujours" below: 

Visit the Peur Bleue bandcamp HERE.

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