Premiere: George Earnest & Der Opium Queen – Rainy Day


There was a grey haze which hung in the morning air, it was not fog but a low hanging mist which was built of floating moisture amidst the dense expanse of sky. It was to be a rainy day in the city, the bay was cloudy and damp as the people marched along the pier with brightly coloured umbrellas and a great, rushing sense of purpose. This was their little life, work all day and meander between the towering buildings by the sea – it was all they had to live for in this hell…

Echovolt Records are keeping busy this summer, no slacking around here. A new EP from George Earnest & Der Opium Queen is bursting with sun kissed life and energy, perfect summer music with a touch of the balearic legacy which built the good time islands. 

Listen to "Rainy Day" below: