Premiere: Galera – Cuadro Fusion


Smiling faces beamed down at him from the wall, a snapshot of a life once lived, of hazy moments captured in time. The wall was covered floor to ceiling in photographs, a collage to stimulate his fading memories. As he grew older they became a muddle of various times, spaces and activities that he could no longer place. But these disjointed memories still kept him going and so did the imagined reality he'd construct around them…

Catalan producer Galera takes an experimental approach on his new release ANSWVR. With a punk attitude the four-track EP explores a new, more introspective sound that celebrates distortion and chaos, using drum work, AV and his voice. Showing Galera's new inspirations and personal growth as an artist, it's fitting that it should land on his own Subterranea imprint; a Berlin-based label with a mission to "fight against this chaotic world dominated by dollars, tyrants and false nihilism."