Premiere: Gaijin Blues – True Faces


The Polish duo embark on their third eponymous album.


“Humanity is coming back to Earth in huge mechanical suits. Discovering intelligent beings that not only rebuilt the Earth’s ecosystem but coexist with it in perfect symbiosis at the same time. Who or what are those creatures and how will that encounter end?” 


Inspired by the idea of looking for understanding, particularly in reference to the ecosystem that we as a civilisation are destroying day-by-day, Polish duo Gaijin Blues embark on their third eponymous album conceived and crafted remotely during the pandemic. Made up of producers Paweł Klimczak (Naphta) and Michał Szczepaniec, the release – like Gaijin Blues’ previous long players – was inspired by Japanese culture, in particular animations and video games, as well as influences closer to home including soviet electronic musicians, and the prose of Stanislaw Lem and Strugacki’s brothers.

Adopting a more robust approach to instrumentation, rather than the heavy sample-led foundations of their previous releases, ‘Gaijin Blues III’ sees them marry electric guitars, drums, percussion and synths with organic elements and Japanese-influenced sounds including harp, koto and brass sections.