Premiere: Gadget And The Cloud – Pulse


There was a gentle throb as the train rumbled beneath the city up above. It travelled from borough to borough between stations, pulsing its way through the endless city. People came and went from each carriage, from time to time they might be so interested as to cast a glance at one another but most of the time they remained solitary and silent, engaged only in the pulse of their technology and headsets. This was life in the present, a blurred reality in which faces were forgotten and replaced by screens. 

ELLLL is an Irish producer and DJ of who we have been following with intrigue in recent years. Her own music has been widely acclaimed and we ourselves have enjoyed what she has released. Now she has teamed up with Irish label Art for Blind Records to formulate the release of a compilation called Gash Trax, a record featuring all female, LGBTQ+ and queer artists from around the island of Ireland.

Listen to a track taken from that compilation by Gadget And The Cloud below: