Premiere: Frédérique Sueur – La Defense


Undo Seat Belts share their third record, ‘Le Temps Mutile Les Talons’, a debut from the French producer.

Time seemed to move at a snails pace, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the clock. Today was different from the others: nobody had called, there were no messages in his inbox, barely a soul in the office. Maybe he’d missed something, a memo or a calendar invite… or maybe he should see it as a blessing in disguise; an opportunity to spend time with his imagination and forget that work even existed..



For their third release, Brussel imprint Undo Seat Belts welcome the Parisian chartered accountant by day, and music maker by night, Frédérique Sueur.

Le Temps Mutile Les Talons is the name of this blissful and offbeat collection of nine tracks that finds itself lingering in the spaces between new wave, experimental, synth-pop, minimal synth and ambient. Its lo-fi bedroom quality and DIY touch imbues it with a feeling that’s both comforting and disconcerting: a must listen.


Le Temps Mutile Les Talons will be released on 22nd May, available via Bandcamp and Rush Hour.