Premiere: Nerds With Acid – Doe ‘t nou

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SoundUnbound Recordings brings together artists from the east of The Netherlands for a Various Artists vinyl release.


The room was full of unfamiliar faces and unfriendly strangers, as soon as he entered he wanted to leave. He was sure he’d know at least a few people, that they’d welcome him with open arms and bring him into the fold.

The reality was much different though. It left a sour taste in his mouth and made his stomach squirm uncontrollably. Everyone here already had their inner circles and their close-knit friendship groups, why would they need to embrace anybody new?


SoundUnbound Recordings boss Fentom is shining a light on the talents in his local stomping ground in the east of The Netherlands. Featuring music HGHR LVLS, Bastian Benjamin, Nerds With Acid, |grens|, Odaira and Oosterse Lach, and the label head himself, the VA vinyl release explores the fringes of acid, electro, techno and bass, with the aim of showing the world what’s happening in this lesser know underground scene.