Premiere: Franz Scala – One Way Love Rework


Sweet, indistinct smells drifted through the maze of cobbled streets, luring the early risers from their slumbers and into the cafes below. These waking hours were silent, with only muted chatter and the odd dog bark punctuating the morning air. A few hours later as the city began to surface, the atmosphere changed, with swarms of tourists shading themselves under battered awnings and bundling into the nearest souvenir shop. The uninterrupted hours that preceded were a window into the normal everyday life in this place; a slower pace that offered tranquility and sanctuary.

Benvenuto al Mondo Della Notte! You are in Franz Scala’s “World of the Night”. After four shortform releases of delectable, synthophile dance-pop (most recently on Ziggy’s flawless Bahnsteig 23 label in 2018) the Italian stallion and Slow Motion co-pilot has emerged with a debut full length LP. He has not deviated from his trademark retrospective approach to production, serving up eight steaming hot dishes of classic, hearty Italo-chug for dance floor digestion. Our pick ‘One Way Love Rework’ sets a saucy synth melody atop a meaty bassline, all expertly dubbed for an extra topping of drama.