Premiere: Forte – Flip (DJ Popup Remix)


The machine crackled as the tape came to an abrupt finish. The reels kept on turning but there was little noise emerging from the player but for the low rumble of fuzz and dense feedback. It was time to flip the switch, see what was on the other side and start again. Who knew what magnificent noises might lie in wait upon Side B – would there be the wild sound of birds or the delicate roar of wind upon instruments which danced and sang in the rain. Or would the tape play little noise but for the slow repetition of clicking, industrial metal. It was as unpredictable and unlikely as they might expect. What came next was anyones guess…

Earlier this year Forte released an album on ØEN REC.- the Copenhagen based record label who've been doing things a little differently as of late. Now they release a digital exclusive and remixes of music taken from the album including this rework from Dj Popup. 

Listen below: