Premiere: Fontän – Sen Sen No Sen (Red Axes Remix)


The noise was deafening, the waterfall elegant beneath the summer rays. A rainbow began to form up high above, the water spray merging beautifully with the fresh air of the African outback. There were many people gathered here yet few actually spent the time to meditate beneath one of God's greatest creations. A thing of beauty lost and ignored between the glow and buzz of smart phones and cameras. 

Fontän is remixed on a new EP by several artists which include the likes of Timothy J Fairplay, Khidja and Mythologen. Each take on tracks from his recent album on Höga Nord and offer alternate versions. We nominated the Red Axes remix to feature below: 

The release is forthcoming HERE in line with the Convenanza festival later this year, limited to 300 copies. 

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