Premiere: Flegon – Double Play (Khidja Remix)


She pranced through what she considered the jungle; how could she think any different when this was all she’d known. Gigantic structures towered above her, creating shadows in the mid-day sun. Lurking in the darkness, she patiently awaited her pray, using the shadows to hunt. She began to run through the forest of her imagination, the only difference being that this jungle is full of concrete, traffic and consumerism.

Parisian DJ collective, live band and producers Flegon have entrusted Khidja and Androo with the remix duties on their debut EP Extra Twist, released via their own Disques Flegon. Our pick from the Romanian duo Khidja sees them turn closing track ‘Double Play’ into the perfect soundtrack for an alien invasion. Focusing on slowly building tension through the use of dramatic delays, squelchy acid lines, and threatening bass lines creates a sonic narrative of a ferocious extra-terrestrial monster, while the sampled childlike vocals echoing in the background resemble humans being abducted.