The origins of Power House: Head High aka Shed selects

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Written by Alasdair King

We’re talking POWER with Head High aka Shed.

René Pawlowitz is arguably one of the most influential figures in German Techno. For years he has worked tirelessly released music on the likes of Ostgut Ton, 50 Weapons, Monkeytown and Delsin. He is a singular producer who has helped galvanise the sound and style of Berlin working closely alongside counterparts and playing a key role in the progression of places and spaces such as Berghain and Hard Wax.

His multifaceted approach to music has always been exciting and dynamic – he is a producer who has used aliases throughout his career to represent different means of expression, styles and influences. A brief look on Discogs will demonstrate the versatile persona of an artist who doesn’t like to limit himself to one particular niche or genre.


Most recently René has returned to his Head High moniker – a persona which allows him to bang the box producing peak time rave classics which blur the lines between Techno and House. Hence… Power House. This has become the imprint through which René has released most prominently of late, an outlet which truly represents his own musical lineage and connects him to the original records and moments which cemented his love for dance music.

From a personal perspective I can say that I perhaps own more Shed/ Head High/ Power House records than any other so it is with great excitement that we invite René to explain the roots of the concept as he picks records which brought life to the project.

“I would like to show you where my Power House sound is coming from. This playlist contains mostly tracks from the beginning when I started to buy records and going to parties. These tracks are not only a pool of inspiration for me but also a ride into my history!”

Trackman - Moments Od Modulation

That is the track that formed my vision of a “power-house bass drum”. Nice 909 kick doubled with a drum sample. This track is simply killer. A bit cheesy in the middle – the way I like it.

  • Trackman - Moments Od Modulation

    That is the track that formed my vision of a “power-house bass drum”. Nice 909 kick doubled with a drum sample. This track is simply killer. A bit cheesy in the middle – the way I like it.

  • Blake Baxter - One More Time (Pump Da Bass Mix Reprise)

    Absolutely hot! It came out only 30 years ago… I feel old now. But that record aged very well.

  • Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (M.K. Dub)

    My first KMS record back then. Typical M.K. raw 909 play + adding not more than 2 melodic elements. Blueprint. Please leave out all remixes that came later on!

  • Aquanote - Only (WeekenderVocal)

    Mix name says it all. Powerful House music meets relaxed wonderful vox. Remarkable track. Can push up the ceiling a bit higher.

  • Digifx - 4 Tha Music (Huddersfield Mix)

    The first time i heard this was in a dj mix that was recorded at a R&S Rave in Ghent in 94. It only took 10 years to find out what track this is. It’s one of my absolute favourites. Absolutely fantastic acid baseline on the drums. This video doesn’t contain the original version. Seems to be an ‘optimized’ mix. Not that cool, of course…

  • Those Guys - Love, Love, Love

    Strictly Rhythm night at E-Werk Berlin in 96. I was at E-Werk the day before or after? Listening/watching Trevor Rocklife and Daz Sound. Leaving out Carl Cox. But I recorded this night at home. The first dj was best, called Cheeseman or something. He played this track between some other really good house tracks. Outstanding.

  • Hex - Alright to Love (Exposure Mix)

    “Euro-House“ in a good way. It’s all about this remix. Really powerful drums layered with a sampled drum-pattern. Alright to love!

  • Slowhouse - Three / B2

    There were 3 records in that series. But to honest only that track made it for me. Very simple but remarkable house music. Vocal shreds, a wonderful organ, chords. All going through the delay. Dub feeling.

  • Gemini - Don’t U Know

    Piano Invasion! I had to steel that record from my brother. ha! It has a super positive vibe. Drums are very Chicago. This track is romantic and dirty as well. Cool.

  • Jonzon / Rok - The Lure

    Two absolute Berlin originators here. Jonzon – fantastic DJ. Rok – “Not easy to deal with“ Hard Wax employee in the early nineties.  Good dj as well. Nice chords – getting popular back then. Killer bass line!