Premiere: Fio Fa – Enter The Turtle

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A fast paced cut reminiscent of a nostalgic old race car video game.

The temple loomed ominously in the distance, you could make out the shape of the old brickwork above the shadow of the trees. It had been there for thousands of years, untouched and mysterious in the midst of the thick, dense jungle. It was said that inside there were precious jewels and treasures from a bygone era and that was what they were here to find out.

The ‘Turtle’, as it was known by the locals’ had never been explored before for it was said to be cursed with ancient spells and dark magic which might make it treacherous for an untrained adventurer. Yet now, here they were, wandering towards the magnificent old structure with the intent of raiding all it laid claim to. It was time to enter the turtle..


Fio Fa is set to kickstart a new record label, Sunset Drifters. The first release on the newly launched imprint comes from himself and features four fast paced tracks which sit somewhere between the domain of house, nu trance and techno. This track in particular remained us of those old race car video games from the 90’s, the type where a fast car careered through the snow capped mountain side in glorious pixelated chaos.

Listen below: