Premiere: Fideles – Glasses


He awoke in a hot sweat, unable to make out the room around him under the bright lights. As his vision began to clear, he noticed the charts and various paraphernalia that decorated the walls. Old antique medical equipment and diagrams of human body parts. He made to sit up but his wrists had been strapped firmly to the side of the bed. A state of panic washed over him. Was he really awake or was this just a dream?

Following a string of successful releases on her label from Fort Romeau, Terr and Damon Jee, Jennifer Cardini invites Impressum bosses Fideles to make a home on her Correspondant label with Brain Machine – an infectious four tracker with bright Italo hooks and cosmic touches. Our pick is 'Glasses' which flips the script and takes you down a deep dark rabbit hole with its heavy driving synths and robotic vocal samples.