Premiere: Fango – Lento (Dritto Mix)


The last leaf dropped to the floor, leaving the branches naked and exposed. As far as the eye could see every living thing had perished here. Life couldn't survive in this place, there was no light, no water, no love. The foundations of building still stood but these were now empty shells, skeletal spaces that no longer had tales to tell. It was a dystopian land void of any hope or any happiness. After years of turmoil, many living beings had moved away in hope of better climes and better days. Now the land was a barren graveyard.

To launch his new label Fangodischi, Italian producer Fango has reached deep into his arsenal of heavy drums for a two track EP called Lento. The slow builder evolves into a menacing industrial trip smothered in dystopian rhythms and metallic sounds, whiffs of steam and disturbing noise. The EP recollects the dual vision the artist has of his homeland: Venice, a “Disneyland” for tourists, and Marghera with its industries and poisons.