Premiere: Fabio Me Llaman Soltero & Odia – La Tumba


Belly Dance Services round off the year with an EP from the Central American collaborators.

Twisted branches and overgrown plants blocked their way at every turn but they still moved rapidly through the jungle with effortless ease. They knew these parts like the back of their hand, every inch of river and growth, up to the trees that towered overhead. It was the only way you could survive, one wrong turn and you’d be in trouble, it was the nature of the jungle.


To round off the year Hanzo and Yaman’s Belly Dance Services are ushering out one more record to see us through the holidays. Set for release on Christmas Eve, the EP is a fresh co-production journey from Central American producers Fabio Me Llaman Soltero and Odia, who come together for ‘Demoladora de Bestias’.

Backed up by two remixes from Indonesian producer DJ Aditya Permana and Belly Dance services co-founder Hanzo, the four originals and two reworks marry spellbinding rhythms, hypnotic percussion and ritualistic samples, navigating both slower tempos and vibrations custom-made for the floor.

Demoladora De Bestias is out on 24th December.