Premiere: Benjamin Fröhlich – Uff

PACKSHOT Various Artists – IMPACT – Freeride Millenium

Freeride Millenium launch a new three-part compilation series: IMPACT.

There was an unexplainable feeling in the dance, a connection that transcended society’s preconceived ideas, that took no notice of gender, race, sexuality or ability. Outside these factors could dictate the course of a person’s every move, but as soon as they descended into the darkness of the club, judgments were left at the door. Little else mattered; the music, the crowd and the feelings of freedom these spaces provoked.


Spawned out of a conversation between Freeride Millenium label boss Jorkes and Lisa Jäger, with whom they collaborate on Vienna’s HOT all-gender sauna parties, IMPACT is a new three-part compilation series that celebrates club culture and the freedoms and conversations that are born within these spaces. With these places of liberation, and the drivers for change in politics, gender, race and sexuality that they became, being taken away from us during lockdown, Jorkes and Lisa wanted to sonically represent: IMPACT is the resulting product. Volume one features music from Benjamin Frohlich, Alinka, Massimiliano Pagliara and more, with the second and third volumes being shared in January and February.

Alongside the releases, discussions will be held at WAF Galerie, the space Lisa co-curates, that explore ‘clubs as places for freedom and emancipation’, in partnership with Therese Terror and Cecile Balbous of Queer Base, the charity that Freeride Millenium work with regularly.


IMPACT Vol.1 is out on 17th December.