Premiere: Sheila Chandra – Raqs (A Zillas on Acid Mutation)

Solstice II [digi cover]

Another batch of cosmic electronics from the Multi Culti camp.

It was impossible not to move; from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, nothing remained still. The beat was hypnotic, spell-binding, unlike anything she’d heard before. It had a hold over her — so much so that all external factors no longer mattered, the outside world was blocked out. All that existed was her and the sweet vibrations that coursed through her body.


Multi Culti’s 12″ Axial Tilt series was born as a means to celebrate moments of cosmic significance, of the chaos and balance attached to the equinox and solstice. It’s the latter word that the VA takes its title from, with the first iteration being shared last June featuring music from Red Axes, Tyu, Manfredas and Zillas on Acid. Zillas returns on ‘Solstice II’ with a suitably hypnotic take on Shield Chandra’s ‘Raqs’, which sits next to anthemic club cuts and mind-bending rollers from their extended label family: Andi Otto, Inigo Vontier, Golden Bug and Kino Todo & Danelz.


Solstice II will be released on 22nd December via Multi Culti.