Premiere: Eyes Of Others – When It Suits (Sordid Sound System Remix)


Inhaling deeply, she found it much easier to take a different view on what had happened. As the warm, slick vapours made their way from her lungs into her veins, she felt she had a greater scope on how she should respond to the news. As her limbs relaxed, and her thoughts slowed and simplified, she saw it just as he had. And the view was not pretty.

Coming on like a dubby bass heavy version of New Order's '586', the lazy syncopated percussion and smoothly sweet asexual duet provide a natural counterpoint. Invisible Inc's Sordid Sound System fill the relaxed shuffle with a mountain of wobbly spectres, hitting anything that pulses and keeping the tempo echoing and springing all over the room. 

Eyes Of Others – When It Suits will be released by Fear Of Failure on 1st August 2016. More details will be found HERE.

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