Premiere: Evil Medved – A Queer In The Kitchen


In the night there was a crash and a bang, the house awoke to something mysterious and new. He walked slowly atop the landing and began to make his way one step at a time down the staircase into the unknown, what would he find? Pretty magic or troublesome strife in the midst of the midnight hour? It was all very exciting and yet tragic at the same time, perhaps one day they might write a story about this old house and the things which bumped in the night. He meandered through his home, a queer in the kitchen on the prowl for something which lay beyond the line of sight…

Evil Medvěd is a Prague based, Glaswegian musician. They have been making music and working on the evolution of a live electronic set for many years and their new album for Red for Colour Blind could be deemed the magnificent outcome of such hard work. 

Listen to a track below: