Premiere: Emre Can Swim – Weltschmerz


The news headlines moved rapidly across the television screen, a sense of urgency permeating the news reader’s delivery. She looked hesitantly around the room hoping to catch somebody’s eye to guage their reaction, but it seemed she was the only one able to tear herself away from the horrors that were unfolding. Unlike them, she couldn’t bear to watch, shocked and bewildered, and simply do nothing. It filled her with sadness and dread, and drummed home the reality of how far away they were from the idealities she’d continually strived for her entire life. But even though it made her feel like a mere drop in the ocean, it would never stop her from giving up…

Istanbul-based Müstesna Records return for their fifth instalment, this time from Izmir native Emre Can Swim. Having contributed to the label’s shelTer compilation last year, in aid of Eylül Cansın Trans Guest House, he now presents his first solo EP, Biz, that draws from his own life experiences and his geographical surroundings. Over four tracks, he guides the listener through slow-paced trippy rhythms, that match rumbling basslines with heavy drum programming and spooky electronics.