Premiere: Employee – Wutai Tape Mix


The lake was vast and sprawling – the water rippled beneath each raindrop and as the boat sailed across the open expanse of water the light began to fade in the distance. Soon darkness would engulf this place and the sound of the tribal drums aboard an old rickety ship would be all that could guide the crew onwards into the night. The stars flickered up above, dotting and darting between the hazy state of disarray on board the boat. There was confusion in this place, a curse from the East which left some cold and emboldened. This was the Wutai…

Employee is set to release a new EP on OK SPIRIT, the alias of a producer you may know well voyages into uncharted territory with the release of an assortment of digi dub excursions. The release is forthcoming and is well worth your time. 

Listen below: