Premiere: Boo Boo, Mace & Nutcase – Digital Rubber

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For their second release Linale Records revisit a 1997 two-tracker from the Aussie production trio.

The day had finally arrived; a succession of thick red crosses on the calendar above his desk marked the lead up. He studied himself in the mirror, smoothing out the creases in his shirt and fixing his tie with a precise flick of the wrist. As if reading from an imaginary prompt, he reeled off his presentation to his reflection one last time, each word and phrase delivered with eloquence and poise. He knew it all off by heart but he still worried about stumbling on the night; there was so much at stake. It all depended on the outcome of today; his future hung in the balance…


After starting life last summer with a release from Istanbul-based producer Rnbws, London imprint Linale Records share their second EP with the world, which sees them digging into the past, mining for 90s gold. Previously only released on CD back in ’97, the two tracks on Digital Rubberare the work of three Australian producers: Andy Rantzen and Paul McDermott (also known as Itch-e and Scratch-e) and Anthony Maher (Sheriff Lindo), under the guise of Boo Boo, Mace and Nutcase. An infectious fusion of electro and breakbeat, wrapped up in dreamy ambience, the originals come complete with a brand new remix of the title track from fellow Australian Rudolf C.