Premiere: Earth Trax – Purge


The constant, growing speed at which “it” was flying through the extraterrestrial sky made all surrounding objects blur in his peripheral vision. Twinkling stars in the distance had caught their last, deadly breath long before “it” could give them a passing glance; all of space’s multi-formed contents, debris, living things microscopic and non, were instantly disintegrated at a distance of around 100 feet from his mercury-like skin. “It” was an unstoppable being, with a blisteringly, unearthly surface temperature that made interaction with other living creatures impossible. “It” could swear that sometimes it could hear the wailing of some of those deep space creatures, but it was no respite from universal solitude.

Warsaw-based producer Earth Trax returns to Shall Not Fade to release ‘LP2’, the follow up to his brilliant debut album for the label earlier this year. The 11-track release is filled with warm, dreamy soundscapes supported by a backbone of sturdy, solid beats, as can be heard on “Purge”, which we’ve got the premiere of today. Expect an ominous slumber-like techno journey through space and time with celestial synths that soar atop a thumping, corrosive kick and ghostly vocal samples.