Premiere: Dura – Indigoferma (Blankstairs)


Indigo is probably the most under-rated colour of the rainbow, it doesn't seem to receive anywhere near as much love as red, blue or those other jammy colours. There's very little wrong with indigo, in fact it seems to bring an added level of class to a room when there's a healthy dose of it spattered across the walls of floor.

These new sounds from Dura are just as classy and they make for twenty minutes of beautiful, ambient listening. There's plenty of time in your day to set enough aside to slip seamlessly into the world of 'Indigoferma' and you'll find yourself feeling significantly more alive for having done so. Go on, give yourself that chill-out you both need and deserve;

Living Color is out on 13th October via Blankstairs – pre-order it here.