Premiere: Dorothy’s Fortress – Lucha Libre


As the wrestler entered the auditorium he cast his eyes towards the ring at the centre of the room. All around him were magnificent colours, flags and crowds who danced, cheered and chanted his name. Beneath his mask he was feeling hot and bothered. The pressure was intense but he couldn’t let that get to him, not now, not ever. As he began the long walk down the ramp towards the grand stage he tensed his muscles and began to pound his chest like some sort of fierce wild animal. He was the king of lucha libre and this was his domain. 

Dorothy’s Fortress are back, a mysterious duo who have received fierce plaudits and support from the underground are ready to return to the ring with a new EP. “Lucha Libre” is out on the 12th of march and is set to destroy a club near you soon. 

Listen below: