Premiere: Dormir – In Pursuit (Cop Envy Remix)


The car raced towards the finish line at a hurtling pace. In pursuit there was a squadron of motors parading proudly in the wake of the smoke trail which blazed up high amidst the sky. Burning rubber lingered in the air and the crowd of spectators watched on in awe at the sheer speed and scale of the display. Some had disputed the validity of the race, some had even claimed that the sport was for suckers and cheats. What did they know about speed anyway? This was it. 

Dormir are an Australian group from Melbourne, they are set to release a new EP on Pelvis Records & Burning Rose, new wave, dream like electronics with a sense of nostalgia. The EP is rounded off by two remixes by both Cop Envy and Leo James. It is the first which we bring to you today. Listen below: 

Visit the Pelvis Records bandcamp HERE. Visit the Burning Rose bandcamp HERE

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