Premiere: Lolito – Guili Sum

5 Minute Read

Fun, energetic dance music at its best on French record label Grid.

The mountains overlooked the city, the snow capped peaks looked otherworldly when wandering amidst the boulevards and promenades of the old town. It were as if they were some sort of haunting mirage on the periphery of vision. A glimpse of heaven, white peaked and pointed against a dense blue backdrop so radiant.

From time to time the clouds would conceal their glory, only for them to be reborn from the foggy haze more glistening and impressive than they were before.

As he strolled through the city streets he couldn’t quite fathom how an earth that was so beautiful could also be as rough, ready and wild as it was. One wrong turn around these parts was all it took to see a totally different impression of this wild kingdom.


Lolito & Doline are set to release a new EP on French record label Grid. An EP packed with energetic dance music, euphoric synthesizers and summer bangers. This one will do wonders at the festival in the sunshine.

Listen below: