Premiere: DNGDNGDNG – Hiperboria


‌With no recollection of his journey, the Thracian Prince awakens beside unfamiliar coasts and dead waters. Far beyond the reach of night, the eternal sun makes for mountainous trees, bearing single fruits large enough to feed even the most intoxicated banquet of Athenians. “This must be a land of Gods”, the Prince proclaims. Past the sand sat a matted forest, tangled with gnarled branches and cobwebs as thick as rope. Underneath the dense canopy lay the deepest darkness the Prince had known, emanating low rumbles and high screeches. Perhaps these gods are not kind gods.

Out on London-based label On the Corner Records, Continentes Perdidos is the latest project from Dengue Dengue Dengue, under their abbreviated moniker DNGDNGDNG. The 4-track release is an exploration of otherworldly sounds, expressed in compositions that tap into unconventional time signatures and polyrhythms. Our pick is ‘Hiperboria’, a tribalistic journey into lost worlds, complete with hypnotic grooves and haunting atmospheres.