Premiere: Dj Willie Oboe – Saidas Touch (Channelling EJ – ESP)

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Willie Oboe

One member of the hardware crew Frak turns his attention towards house music.

There were glimmering colours and flickering lights which danced and bounced between the four walls of the grand old hall. Inside it revellers moved in a euphoric trance, engulfed by the saidas touch, a hypnotic force which bound them together and kept them moving in ignorant unison. It was a beautiful, magnificent thing – strangely fascinating to watch as each dancer moved simultaneously in time with the rumble and banging of drums as a myriad of colours exploded and flashed.

Dj Willie Oboe is back and when I say that it will likely mean very little. However, if I were to tell you that it’s a magical new moniker for one of the members of the infamous hardware inspired duo Frak you might be more excited. They are set to release a new EP on Lost Control, a somewhat more house focussed affair than their usual. However, it still carries that rough and ready, signature Frak sound.