Premiere: Frak – Congestion


The traffic was busy and cars were stuck upon the freeway with no place to go. They had been there for hours, not moving amidst the outback of the desert as the city lights flickered and glimmered in the distance. The congestion was terrible. 

Sat in his old Mayback he smoked a cigarette and thought back to a time when this place was empty and barren – nobody used to love out here and those that did were involved in all kinds of trouble. Congestion had been the last of his worries in another life. The warm leather seat absorbed his body as he leant back and blew smoke upwards into the night sky through the window. He might be here for a while…

It's always a great day when we get a new Frak EP in the mail. Consistent and fiesty as ever the group have just delivered a three track EP for Go Finger – hard hitting acid cuts with a purpose. It bangs. 

Listen below: