Premiere: Dj JA – Sand


The desert plains were endless, he had been walking for miles through this vast expanse of land yet never seemed to find his way back to the mirage. The sky was a hazy shade of pinks and purples, a sharp contrast to the dense deep browns and golds upon which he was stranded. The heat burned down from up above as he began to hallucinate. Lying down upon the warm sand he gazed and stared upwards into oblivion, unaware as to whether he’d rise again. That’s when the music started… 

Dj JA is set to release an EP on Hundert, a three track affair of wonky, wonderful electronics which will make for great fun in dark and misty basements all over. Our favourite track from the EP is “Sand” – a deep, pensive, melodic cut which still carries enough punch to shake a leg. 

Listen below: