Premiere: Dj City – Sierra Madre


The waves glimmered under the beaming sun, white flashes danced like tiny fairies upon the rolling ocean. Watching from the shore he followed the boats which weaved and meandered their way across the harbour and into port. Each yacht held a story on board, tales of individuals who'd spent a wealth of time out at sea. What they had seen was beyond his wildest dreams for he had never been able to leave the village, not once. Sierra Madre was his home and always would be, a bittersweet blessing and yet a curse. 

Dj City is the musical alias of Johan Norling, the founder of Late Night City Tracks. He is also a well versed producer who has released music on both his own label and via Born Free. His latest outing is own Borneo, a label which is growing from strength to strength in its early stages. 

Listen below: