Premiere: Deep Sky Objects – In Lux


A white bench stood perched on the clifftop, a perfect viewing point to take in the sea and sky ahead. This was his favourite place to be with his thoughts. Aside from the winds that whispered softly overhead, there was only silence. Total peace. It had yet to be discovered by the keen dog walkers and family picnicers, but nothing remained untapped forever. For now though, it would be his little secret. 

Next up on Never Ready Records release schedule is the first long player from Deep Sky Objects (DSO), the moniker of Stillcold Records founder Andrew Doubek and Alexander Dennis aka Eprom & one half of Shades. Having first met in 2005, their long running dialogue led to an EP in 2011 on Doubek's label and spawned their DSO project, which has been slowly coming to life over the last 10 years. The result is their self-titled LP that explores the duo's shared love of astronomy, Detroit techno, UK rave and soundsystem culture, through densely layered rhythms, broken bass, pulsating drum work and analogue synths.