Premiere: Decanter – Rfe2


The woodsman stood in the clearing, sharpening his axe on the grindstone. Nothing but forest for miles around, and not another living soul. His was a solitary life, but he liked it this way, prone as he was to quiet reflection. Lifting his instrument, swinging it, feeling its weight, he then set to work on a particularly tall redwood. Overhead an eagle soared by, surveying the scene with casual interest. He could just about hear the *thunk* of the axe as it bit into the tree trunk.

Icelandic art and music collective FALK (stands for Fuck Art Let's Kill, innit) are gearing up to release a white label split 12" from two young producers, Fascia and Decanter. Limited to 50 copies, it's chock full of brutal, searing, hardcore techno. We're very happy to premiere 'RFE2', one of Decanter's three contributions. Listen below:

[FALK16] is out 7th July, and you can pre-order it here.

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