Premiere: Dead Horse Gang – Over The Hill


The theatre sat atop a tall green mountain which overlooked a distant world. The clouds were a fluffy mixture of purples and pink as he walked through a soft field of daisies and wild flowers. He felt at ease in this place, it touched his heart and soul leaving him fulfilled and comfortable. The scent of lavender was prominent upon the breeze and he did not wish to ever return to planet earth. As he wandered amidst the tall grass and over the hill he realised that he would soon arrive at the theatre of dreams, it had been a long walk but here he was. 

Dead Horse Gang is a new project from Ilija Rudman, a chance for him to channel a new voice and focus on a more experimental take on electronic and balearic soundscapes. It will be self released and will be available digitally in the imminent future. 

Listen below: