Premiere: MR TC – Drome


A new record label brought to you by Exhausted Modern and friends.

People spilled out of the building and onto the streets, muttering under their breaths at the chaos that had just ensued inside. What had promised to be a night of good-mannered frivolity and celebration had turned into an utter shambles; the crisis management that would soon follow would be excruciating for those clearing up the mess. It was certainly a night many would not forget in a hurry, and for those involved, hopefully the ground would swallow them up before they had to face the music.


A new year calls for a new challenge. Prague-based DJ and producer Exhausted Modern takes a break from running Endless Illusion and OMO to teamed up with several friends for a new label pursuit. LTE’s mission is to give a platform to local and foreign artists who are operating in all corners of the contemporary electronic music spectrum; a place for artists who want to experiment and try new things. For their first release they welcome six artists from across the globe, including MR TC, Mayo & Ethno Service, for a VA titled Long Term Evolution, that celebrates the music they love and sonic directions for the future.


Long Term Evolution will be released on 4th February.