Premiere: Daniel Araya – M45,[1] Seven Sisters


The car flickered under the hazy glow of the orange lighting. As she approached the junction she indicated her movement, the car behind continued to tailgate relentlessly as she let out an exhausted sigh. The intersection was busy, tightly packed amidst a jigsaw of concrete and zealous metal. M45, Seven Sisters: where dreams came to die and those who had simply forgotten to live emerged from the dark depths of London's fog. Yet, it was her home, and she longed for the eerie smell of such mist now, more so than ever. 

Daniel Araya is the next to appear on Cardopusher's Classicworks record label. He delivers a rough and rugged album of disruptive electronics and glitchy techno. Listen to "M45, [1] Seven Sisters' below: 

Buy the release HERE.

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