Premiere: D. Dan – Sun Over I-5 South


There was an orange haze which hung thick over the mountain region. The shadows of the hillside were dense and black as the sun went down over the 1-5 South. Cars began to activate their headlights, blinking flashes scattered up and down the freeway as they raced along the coastal route. The air was humid and the car was hot and stuffy on the inside. He turned up the radio and rolled down the window as he pushed hard on the pedal and whizzed off at a wicked pace. This was the outback region and each engine was out for itself. 

D.Dan is set to release a fast and furious EP on Lobster Theremin, the London based record label run by Jimmy Asquith. The imprint has often acted as an outlet for the rougher more rugged fringes of dance music and this is no different. A techno, rave extravaganza with punch and promise. 

Listen below: